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Mat Straps

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Mat Straps by Resilite for all sizes Wrestling Mats!
Choose your TYPE of MAT (Regular or Lightweight) and choose your MAT SIZE : Home Mat (15` square or smaller), Commercial Mat Regular (20X20` or smaller), Commercia Mat Large (larger than 20`X20`).
REGULAR MAT STRAP: Resilite Mat Storage Straps are made of a high quality nylon and plastic buckles. It is suggested to use one strap for every 5' of mat.
MAT STRAP FOR LIGHTWEIGHT MATS: Secure your Light Weight mats with specially made nylon straps. Resilite Mat Storage Straps are made of a high quality commercial-quality nylon. It is suggested to use one or two straps per roll.

NOTE: The average 42` x 42` mat has 7 sections and would require 14 straps.