Price: $2990

.# Mueller Reusable Cold/Hot Packs are an economical way to provide ice or heat therapy # Helps to reduce the pain and swelling of minor scrapes, aches and sprains
Price: $13999

.Medi Kit™ 100 Heavy-duty metal kit. Special metal divider in base of kit is designed to keep 4 oz. aerosol cans upright during travel. 12 - 3' x 3' Gauze Pads 6 - 4' x 4' Gauze Pads 6 - M Strips® X-large 12 - M Strips® Regular 10 - Nasal Plugs 1 - 3 oz. Lubricating Ointment 1 - M Cutter™ 1 - 4 oz. Foot Powder Shaker 1 - 2 oz. Germa Spray 1 - 3 oz. Medi Stat™ Spray 1 - 4 oz. Tuffner™ Pre-Tape Spray 1 - roll Elastic Bandage 1 - Glove Canister w/6 large exam gloves 1 - MuellerKold™ Instant Cold Pack 1 - roll M Wrap® 1 - roll 1.5' M Tape® 1 - Tape Tote™ 1 - 4 oz. Coolant Cold Spray 1 - Wonder Wrap™ (3' Elastic Wrap) 1 - 4 oz. Tape & Tuffner™ Remover Spray 1 - 2.75 oz. Hot Stuff® 1 - 3' Gauze Roll
Price: $7999

Price: $299

.Basic mouthguard that is made out of fast-fitting Co-Polymer material and fits all sizes. Thin front wall construction does not interfere with speech or breathing. Low profile helps to reduce gagging.
Price: $240

.Pre-taping foam underwrap helps protect skin from tape chafing. Can be used to hold pads and socks in place and as a protective wrap inside hiking boots, ski boots, and other athletic footwear. 2 3/4' x 30 yds.
Price: $350

.100% cotton backcloth, zinc oxide trainers tape. White, bleached M Tape® features high tensile strength with excellent tackiness and conformability. Easy handling, easy unwind to the core. 1.5' x 15 YDS
Price: $2399

.* Soft, non-linting 100% virgin cotton; control nosebleeds occurring in first inch of nose* 1 ½" long; non-sterile
Price: $3599

. * Quick, easy and efficient to use * Inserts into nasal cavity, expands upon contact with blood * Absorbs blood and applies pressure to stop bleeding * Fiber-free surgical sponge material eliminates wound contamination * Each sponge individually packed
Price: $3599

.America's number one sports gum!HOW IT WORKS: quenches thirst with a high citric acid content to stimulate salivary glands...great for removing cotton mouth Salivary stimulant with natural citrus oils, citric acid quickly relieves thirst, eliminates unpleasant cotton mouth sensation Approximately 300 pieces of assorted Original Lemon, Juicy Orange and Tangy Fruit flavored Quench gum.
Price: $799

.Provides a protective barrier between skin and athletic tape. Can be used to hold pads, socks and cold packs in place. Versatile enough to hold up sleeves, create a knee strap or protect feet under boots and athletic footwear. Perfect for keeping hair out of your eyes so you can focus on the game. Latex-free!

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