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MMA Accessories

Price: $999

.Matman Tournament Wrestling Ankle Bands are constructed from a soft vinyl and feature a handy velcro closure. These ankle bands are easy to put on and remove and come as a set. Includes 2 red and 2 green.
Price: $3000

. velcro carpet strip 4" X 42'. for taping carpet covered cheerleading and gymnastic mats together. colors: Blue, Red, Gray, and Purple. Cost: $30.00 per strip
Price: $999

.Red and royal, or red and kelly green, these featherweight, PVC-free cuffs feature a biomorphic fit, enhancing a wrestler’s ease of movement as he shoots the takedown or makes an escape. Rugged Velcro allows adjustable fit. Includes 2 of each color!
Price: $699

.Wristbands and toss coin - Greco or Freestyle! Whether the tournament is Greco or Freestyle, wrestling referees will find this new package indispensable. Kit includes one of each color wrist band and one flip disc.
Price: $399

.Cotton Blood Rag
Price: $599

.Will outlast any other wrist bands. Made from soft vinyl that wraps around and fastens with Velcro™. Easy to put on, take off. Washable-will not shrink or stretch out of shape. GRECO Set includes: 1 Red Band and 1 Green Band. FREESTYLE SET INCLUDES: 1 Red Band and 1 Blue band.
Price: $999

.DRY clean your shoes from the inside out!When your workout is finished, just place the ``Dogs`` in your shoes. Overnite they will absorb all sweat/water/moisture, leave a cedar aroma and kill all fungus/bacteria build-up.
Price: $22000

.If you want your "Lite" mat to stay in "primo" condition, you need a Mat Bag. These bags are manufactured by BUCK'S, the best heavy duty bag people in the business. For a mere $200.00, you can have a bag (shipping included in contiguous USA) that will protect your mat from wear and tear and physical harm.
Price: $2799

. Preserve your SHOES. Protect the MAT. Rubber wrestling shoe skins that slip easily over wrestling shoes . Made from Flexible CMR (Compression Molded Rubber) shell they fit snugly over footwear and have a non mark sole and are fully washable.

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