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Greg Strobel: Homework Drills & Skills

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with Greg Strobel, Lehigh University Head Coach; 2000 US Olympic Coach; 2004 NWCA "Coach of the Year"

Coach Strobel presents the skills and drills wrestlers at all levels can use to become a champion. Strobel divides this DVD up into three parts: Basic Skills, Wrestling Skills and Wrestling Drills. The Basic Skills section includes instruction on proper stretching routines, as well as drills for foot speed, balance and arm strength. In Wrestling Skills, Strobel presents more drills for the basic skills all wrestlers need. Include are drills for stance, motion, level change, penetration step, lifting, hip heist and more. The Wrestling Drills section is filled with drills that you can do in the wrestling room or at home, in-season or off-season, with a wrestling partner or with your mom, dad, brother or sister. Included are reaction drills, pummeling drills, balance drills, hand fighting drills scramble drills, mat drills and more. In all, these are balance, strength and speed drills that can be done at anytime in any place to make you a better wrestler.

79 minutes. FREE SHIPPING!

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