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Granby System & Mike Krause

Price: $3599

.This video will make top your favorite position! RACK UP BACKPOINTS WITH OUR RELENTLESS TILT SERIES. On this video, you will learn the latest trend in top wrestling: an incredible new tilt series. When you break people down and control their arm, it is often a deadend, and the bottom man can counter your offense. We have developed a roll-through tilt series that solves this problem. Not only can you put the man on his back, you can put him on his back when he resists 100%. We’ve come up with ways to tilt him to the left, tilt him to the right, tilt him from standing, tilt from anywhere. As if this wasn’t enough, this series fits perfectly with the techniques from Video #7 (Churella, Bar Tilt, Hook Tilts, and Turks) giving you the most dominating topwork ride ever. You will also learn details about pinning control and how to get tight pins from many different positions.
Price: $3499

.Beginning Bottomwork Get off the bottom every time! We’ll teach you how to defend against the top man’s rides and pins. Learn techniques for stand-ups and escapes and reversals including the Granby Roll. Techniques for preventing pins and getting off your back are also included.
Price: $3599

.Beginning Topwork Youth wrestlers will love topwork with this video. You will learn to ride and breakdown your opponents and how to control and stop the bottom man’s first move. This video also includes fundamental pinning holds and techniques for scoring backpoints.
Price: $3499

.Beginning Takedowns, Vol. 1 Score on every opponent’s shot. Learn a comprehensive approach to defense that includes preventing takedowns and scoring on opponents when they attempt takedowns. This includes stance, head position, sprawl, go-behinds, front head-lock, and other defensive strategies and skill
Price: $3499

.Beginning Takedowns, Vol. 2 Takedown Everybody. On this video we teach offensive takedown techniques. You will learn a safe approach to making offensive shots (singles, doubles, high crotches). You will also learn skills for finishing these holds for a score. In addition, learn proper stance, positioning, and head control that lead to success.
Price: $3299

. Coach Krauses' philosophy on bottom is..."Its a race to get your back STRAIGHT!!" These are actual Coach Krause practices! Feel the HEAT!!
Price: $3299

. If Coach Krause yells NINE!! Legs are coming! Legs and leg defense everyone should know even if you're not a leg rider.These are actual Coach Krause practices! Feel the HEAT!!
Price: $3299

. Coach Krause runs straight up technique with his youth wrestlers. Top breakdowns to a cross wrist series, including Key hole finish, two tilts, cradle and bundle finishes! These are actual Coach Krause practices! Feel the HEAT!!
Price: $3599

.Video 6: GRANBY VOL.2 If you really want to Granby or Shrug, you must control the top man and put yourself in position to roll him every time. Make the bottom the advantage position. Learn details to block the crab ride, scissors, spiral ride, ankle ride, spladle, and more. Avoid takedowns with the Granby. Stop the top man’s first moves and get you in the position to score.

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