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Price: $3999

.Three-time Olympian Ben Peterson takes you through an in-depth demonstration of his favorite move - the roll - from four different levels (flat on the mat, from the base, a half standup and from the feet)
Price: $3999

.with Scot Davis, Eden Prairie (MN) Head Coach; former Owatonna (MN) Head Coach; 2009 Dream Team Classic Head Coach; 2x National High School Coach of the Year ('07 and '98); Over 995 dual meet victories - the most all time by any wrestling coach; Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame; 2x Minnesota High School Coach of the Year; 2x Minnesota AAA State champions Over his 20+ year career, Scot Davis has discovered some secrets to developing a championship wrestling program, and now he shares them with you. Through trial and error, Coach Davis has developed a winning formula, and in his mind it all starts with a successful booster club. You will see how he sets up the Owatonna booster club, how they set goals for the season and different fundraising ideas they have used with great success. In addition, Davis shares a number of ideas to promote your program, how to set goals for the program and ways to best utilize your assistant coaches. Whether you are just starting a wrestling p
Price: $3999

.World champion Dennis Hall has put together a tape loaded with conditioning drills and technique drills that will put your athletes in the best shape possible and will make them better wrestlers. Drills include Wrist Fighting, Russian Ties, Collar Ties, Stance Maintenance and Six-Minute Circuit.
Price: $3999

.Mark Cody, with 17 years of coaching experience, has complied a tape filled with more than 15 combative wrestling games to liven up your practice, while still achieving a quality workout.
Price: $3499

.Mark Cody has compiled a tape with more than 10 combative drills to help your wrestlers become proficient in recovery drills, situational drills, basic technique drills and conditioning drills.
Price: $3999

.Kerry McCoy believes that better position will beat a stronger heavier opponent every time. McCoy highlights moves that present an opportunity for your heavyweight to score points without much danger.
Price: $3999

.'Bigger guys' wrestle differently than 'little guys'! In this video, Olympic heavyweight Kerry McCoy covers four areas to help your heavyweight be in better position to control his opponent to wear him down to get in better position to score.
Price: $2999

.Using footage from actual live-action wrestling, five critical, fundamental skills are highlighted by Coach Tom Minkel, regarded as one of the most knowledgeable technicians in the sport of wrestling.
Price: $2999

.Techniques and tips from Ricky Bonomo, 3 time NCAA Champion - one of the best wrestlers EVER!
Price: $8995

.Over 3 hours of positive mental training on 4 audio CD’s!
Price: $3999

.Parents and coaches are always concerned about what age their child or athlete can safely begin a weight training program. Scot Davis, the all-time winningest coach in amateur wrestling history, takes on the myths and rumors of lifting weights at the youth level and demonstrates safe lifting techniques and circuits for young wrestlers.
Price: $3999

.All things being equal, the more explosive wrestler always wins! In this video, Tim McClellan calls on his experience training champion wrestlers at all levels, including the Olympics, to provide more than 30 exercises to build your wrestling speed and strength.
Price: $4999

.This is the perfect DVD series for any coach, parent or athlete interested in the fundamentals of wrestling. You won’t WIN until you master the fundamentals presented here by Danny Hodge. Includes Beginners and Parents, Takedowns, Bottom Positions, Top Positions, Moves and More Moves, and Moves and More Moves II.
Price: $3999

.Coaching High School Wrestling: Practice Planning Looking for a way to 'spice up' your practices? Coach Davis has some answers for you. Davis presents over 20 drills and games for you to incorporate into your practice that will develop technique and work on conditioning. These drills fall into five categories: Stance/Motion, On the Mat, Getting Off Your Back, Conditioning and Games.
Price: $3999

. Bruce Baumgartner: Blueprint for Heavyweight Technique - From the Feet Baumgartner demonstrates how to be a dominant wrestler from your feet. He begins with a brief discussion on his keys to being a great wrestler. He hits on the importance of wrestling to your style, proper technique to attacking, controlling your opponent and more. These techniques work for all styles of heavyweights at any level. Let Bruce Baumgartner help you put your heavyweights in position to dominate! 59 minutes. 2007.
Price: $4999

.BRENT BARNES 2 DVD SET! PROGRESSIVE PRESSURE WRESTLING Takedown Drill SECRETS from a FOUR time coach of state championship teams! Neutral drills THAT PAY OFF in first place results! BARNES own Progressive Pressure - Drills, Skills and Technique for the Bottom Position
Price: $2000

.Instructional DVD to accompany A B Andrey Brener Bands- great training and teaching tool! (Bands item #CADV)

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