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Price: $3999

.Freestyle Par-Terre Offense with Terry Brands, USA National Freestyle Resident Coach, Bronze Medalist 2000 Olympic Games 2X World Champion 2X NCAA Champion at University of Iowa, former Head Coach University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Here is your chance to become an offensive force in freestyle wrestling. Olympic medalist Terry Brands takes you step-by-step through the finer points of three basic freestyle moves: Gut Wrench, Ankle Lace and the Outside Series. Each move begins by attacking the hips, and from there he shows in great detail how to secure the proper lock, lift and finish each move. Brands also shows different options from each move depending upon how your opponent tries to counter. You'll never leave the mat without points again . 68 minutes. 2003.
Price: $3999

.Terry Brands discusses his two rules for successful freestyle defense: Read your opponent's shoulder and no lazy scenarios. The goal of great freestyle defense is reading where your opponent's pressure is and then keeping him off balance enough not to get his move.

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