First Aid

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.# Mueller Reusable Cold/Hot Packs are an economical way to provide ice or heat therapy# Helps to reduce the pain and swelling of minor scrapes, aches and sprainsPACKAGE OF 12 - reusable 6" X 9" packsSpecial ship charges apply.
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. Mueller M lastic® Stretch Tape Information Mueller M lastic® Tape is a lightweight, cohesive stretch tape adheres only to itself. Will not damage protective padding, special injury pads or clothing. Lightweight, cohesive stretch tape adheres only to itselfWill not damage protective padding, special injury pads or clothingAlso used as Blood Spill Tape for compression on wounds to stop bleeding2" x 5 yds stretched (24 rolls/cs)
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.One of the challenges of applying therapeutic heat or ice to your shoulder or hip is the difficulty in wrapping and keeping ice packs or hot packs in place. The convoluted contour of the anatomy of large joints and body parts makes it difficult to effectively apply heat or ice. The Mueller Large Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap solves this problem with ease. The wrap, made by one of the most trusted names in sports medicine equipment, is the perfect therapy tool to use when ice or heat is needed to treat inflammation, sprains, or muscle strains. With its unique shape and design, the Mueller Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap is able to provide full coverage to your shoulder, hip, knee, thigh, or back. Features of the versatile Mueller Large Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap include: Comfortable fabric that applies firm compression while icing or heating. Adjustable side flaps with hook and loop fasteners for a customized fit. Detachable extension strap helps to lock your ice or heat in place for maximal t
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.Mueller Athletic Tape - 6 Pack This high quality trainer's tape conforms to all areas of the body, provides firm support and compression, and is ideal for most taping applications. It can also be used on equipment such as baseball bats and hockey sticks. Easy to tear and unwinds to the core.
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.Pre-taping foam underwrap helps protect skin from tape chafing. Can be used to hold pads and socks in place and as a protective wrap inside hiking boots, ski boots, and other athletic footwear. 2 3/4' x 30 yds. Case Price 48 rolls $96.00
Price: $500

.100% cotton backcloth, zinc oxide trainers tape. White, bleached M Tape® features high tensile strength with excellent tackiness and conformability. Easy handling, easy unwind to the core. 1.5' x 45' TEAM PRICING: 2-31 rolls $4.00 ea 32+ rolls $2.65 ea
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. * Soft, non-linting 100% virgin cotton; control nosebleeds occurring in first inch of nose * 1 ½' long; non-sterile
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. * Quick, easy and efficient to use * Inserts into nasal cavity, expands upon contact with blood * Absorbs blood and applies pressure to stop bleeding * Fiber-free surgical sponge material eliminates wound contamination * Each sponge individually packed
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.Provides a protective barrier between skin and athletic tape. Can be used to hold shoe laces, socks and cold packs in place. Versatile enough to hold up sleeves, create a knee strap or protect feet under boots and athletic footwear. Perfect for keeping hair out of your eyes so you can focus on the game. Latex-free! Zinc oxide athletic trainers' tape. 100% cotton backcloth. High tensile strength and excellent tackiness. Easy unwind to core. TWO Pack - 2 rolls each 1.5' x 10 yds. Also available in case of 32 rolls (16 - 2 packs)!
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.RUGGED & Lightweight Nylon First Aid Kit - BUILT TO LAST and complete with: Mueller Hero™ Case - Protégé 10” x 10” x 10” Mueller Hero™ - M2 Clear Pocket 10 x 10 Complete Kit Contents Listed Below (10) 3' x 3' Gauze Pads (4) 4' x 4' Gauze Pads (6) M Strips® X-large (12) M Strips® Regular (10) Nasal Plugs (1) 3 oz Lubricating Ointment (1) M Cutter™ (1) 2 oz Germa Spray (1) 3 oz Medi Stat™ Spray (1) 4 oz Tuffner® Pre-Tape Spray (1) 2.75 oz Abrasion Ointment (10) StaphASeptic™ 1/16 oz packets (1) Elastic Bandage roll (1) Glove Canister (3) Pair Exam Gloves (1) MuellerKold® Instant Cold Pack (1) M Wrap® roll (1) 1.5' M Tape® roll (1) Tape Tote™ (1) 4 oz Coolant Cold Spray (1) Wonder Wrap™ (3' Elastic Wrap) (1) 4 oz Tape & Tuffner® Remover Spray (1) 3' Gauze Roll
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. How does Mueller Kinesiology Taping Work? The Mueller Kinesiology tape is a uniquely designed tape for treatment of muscular disorders, lymphedema reduction and joint proprioceptive support to help reduce recovery times and improve fitness levels. Tape over and around muscles in order to assist and give support or to prevent over-contraction. Gives support while still maintaining full range of motion. This enables the individual to participate in his/her normal physical activities with functional assistance. The second technique, which is most commonly used in the acute stage of rehabilitation, helps prevent overuse or over-contraction and helps provide facilitation of lymph flow for an entire 24 hour period. The Mueller Kinesiology taping also affects the activation of the neurological system and the circulatory system. Muscles are not only attributed to the movements of the body, they also control the circulation
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.Mueller quality cold pack activates instantly when squeezed and shaken. needs no refrigeration. single use and easily disposable. 6' x 9' cold pack, case of 16.

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