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Wrestling Drill Timer

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Finis Inc
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Circuit Trainer Circuit training is interval strength training with exercises selected to improve power and endurance, and as the name implies, the FINIS CIRCUIT TRAINER is used to assist you during your circuit workouts.

Regulate your exercise and rest ratios by programming your time periods into the unit. Amplified horn blasts designate when to switch and the LED digital display shows your current progress. Achieve overall body fitness anywhere with the new Circuit Trainer by FINIS.

Product Features:

* Regulates rest and exercise periods on easy-to-read display.
* Adjustable horn blasts give audible cue to switch to next workout station.
* Program time periods to count down from 5 seconds to 20 minutes.
* Program up to 99 specific workout cycles, or simply run the unit forever!
* Includes special 'half-way' function for lateral exercises.
* Great for sprint workouts in soccer, football, rugby, and basketball.
* Volume can be adjusted on unit or be sent to external speakers.
* Powered by two 9-volt batteries (not included) for 240 continuous hours of operation.
* Available outlet plug-in option.
* Water resistant finish makes it perfect for all environments - gym, track, pool, or even your home garage!
anywhere with this great Circuit Trainer!

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