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Developed by Andrey Brener, Ukrainian National Champion. The A B BAND is a multifunctional exercise system that blends aerobic resistance training and shadow wrestling with low impact movements utilizing every muscle group.

"I highly recommend AB Band as an excellent sport specific exercise system. We used it with our team for the past two seasons and had the best performance ever" Dave Auble - Campbell University, 2X USA Olympian, 2X NCAA National Champion

"A great supplement to your strength training regimen as well as to your wrestling training workout. I find it to be a quick, sufficient and fun workout tool." Ken Chertow - Olympian Wrestling School, USA Olympian, 3X NCAA All American

"Excellent for when you're traveling or need to devote extra time to all the basic movements in wrestling and it's the ideal partner." Sara McMann - 2X World Team Member
(Instructional DVD is available to accompany A B Bands - please order Item # ABDV)