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Escape, Reversals

Price: $3999

.Mark Ironside teaches you his 'go to' escape that helped him earn two NCAA Championships - the Sitback Series. The Sitback differs from the traditional sit-out in that you are moving back into your opponent, which helps keep your hips underneath you and give you a better chance to control your opponent's hands.Ironside calls the Sitback series 'a move that can make good wrestlers great!'
Price: $3999

.Rob Koll's Whizzer Series Rob Koll delves into the lost art of the whizzer with an in-depth technique DVD. The whizzer is a potent point-scoring move that can be used offensively and defensively. The whizzer is a great equalizer, easy to learn, and appropriate for any level of wrestling.
Price: $3999

.This tape provides a solid base to work on bottom fundamentals. With training and drilling these moves can be used against any opponent your wrestler faces.
Price: $3499

.Progressive Pressure - Drills, Skills and Technique for the Bottom Position
Price: $3499

.Progressive Pressure - Drills, Skills and Technique for the Top Position

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