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Mccoy:explode Off The Whistle

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The All-American Heavyweight Technique Series: Bottom Position: Explode Off the Whistle!
With Kerry McCoy, Lehigh University Assistant Wrestling Coach, 2X NCAA Heavyweight Champion, 4X World Cup Champion, 3X US Freestyle Champion

McCoy begins with some basic tips and drills your wrestler can use to get the advantage before the whistle even blows. He then presents four moves that your heavyweights can use to escape from the bottom postion. Included are basic moves (the Stand-Up and the Changeover), advanced moves (Knee Across), and moves used to score quick points (Elevator Roll). McCoy covers the critical points for each move your wrestler needs to know to make the move successful. As an added bonus McCoy covers four differnet techniques to defend against leg riders. This tape provides a solid bas to work on bottom fundamentals. With training and drilling these moves can be used against any opponent your wrestler faces. FREE SHIPPING!