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Price: $999

.Increased Endurance - Increased Power Output and Explosiveness
Price: $149

.Quench works to soothe away that irritating, arid feeling inside your mouth and throat.Wrestlers enjoy the mouthwatering and thirst-quenching flavor. Quench Gum has been recommended by doctors for Post Operation, Kidney dialysis patients, Patients on antihistamines, tricyclic antidepressants and anticholinergics
Price: $3599

.America's number one sports gum!HOW IT WORKS: quenches thirst with a high citric acid content to stimulate salivary glands...great for removing cotton mouth Salivary stimulant with natural citrus oils, citric acid quickly relieves thirst, eliminates unpleasant cotton mouth sensation Approximately 300 pieces of assorted Original Lemon, Juicy Orange and Tangy Fruit flavored Quench gum.
Price: $1499


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