Nutrition Boosts and Edibles

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. Oxygen4Energy- What it is: Up to 60 shots of 95% Oxygen Enriched Air Feel the difference your very first use What it does: Increased Endurance Increased Power Output and Explosiveness Less Lactic Acid Muscle Burn Increased Overall Training Capacity Improved Mental Focus and Reaction Times. Faster Recovery Times between training sessions (less soreness and stiffness) How to use:Spray approximately 1 second of oxygen enriched air into your mouth while taking a deep breath Sports and Fitness: Take 10 shots just before 30-45 minutes of intense physical exertion to increase endurance, power and explosiveness. The harder you push yourself, the more noticeable the benefits will be. Approx. 4 liters of oxygen enriched air Diameter = 1 1/4 inches Height = 7 inches Weight: 1.6 oz
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.America's number one sports gum! HOW IT WORKS: quenches thirst with a high citric acid content to stimulate salivary glands...great for removing cotton mouth Salivary stimulant with natural citrus oils, citric acid quickly relieves thirst, eliminates unpleasant cotton mouth sensation Avoids effects of constant fluid intake during training and competition Ideal for athletes, staff on fluid-restricted diets Approximately 300 pieces of assorted Original Lemon, Juicy Orange and Tangy Fruit flavored Quench gum. Dispensed from an eye catching, clear plastic tub. The resistant cover snaps securely and retains freshness. Athletes demand it!
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. SUPLAY POWER PACK! Includes O4E Oxygen For Energy Supplemental oxygen alleviates symptoms of over tiredness; short bursts of supplemental oxygen can alleviate these symptoms and provide nutrients and energy for increased performance, relaxation, and increase in general wellbeing. You are a few short bursts of pure oxygen away from increased wellbeing, higher performance, and increased endurance; what are you waiting for? Power Ice - 6 PACK All Natural PowerIce helps keep you hydrated when air temps soar. Recover faster with PowerIce frozen electrolyte bars. Quench Gum- 10 pack Quench works to soothe away that irritating, arid feeling inside your mouth and throat.Wrestlers enjoy the mouthwatering and thirst-quenching flavor. Orange and Fruit flav

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