Atago PEN WRESTLING Refractometer

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Atago Refractometers
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THIS IS THE BEST CLINICAL REFRACTOMETER FOR THE MONEY! IT MATCHES THE ACCURACY OF UNITS THAT COST 2 AND 3 TIMES AS MUCH, BUT WITH MUCH MORE CONVENIENCE! DIP. READ. DONE! ATAGO has responded to the demand for a "Dip-type" refractometer by Hospitals, Clinics, Athletic Trainers & Coaches, Drug Testing Facilities and Probation Officers nationwide. Simply Dip or Touch the sensor to the sample for quick & easy measurement of Urine Specific Gravity. The PEN-Wrestling has been specifically engineered to meet the needs of all clinical testing facilities and programs. New design developments allow the tester to perform measurements with a simple "dip and touch" motion. This dip-in model is the most convenient unit available for quick, accurate readings. The practical design is also safer and hassle-free when it comes to cleanup. PEN-Wrestling - Urine SG: 1.0000-1.0600 - Minimum Scale: 0.0001 - Accuracy: ±0.0010 - Temp Compensation Range: 10 - 35° C · Light & Compact: The PEN-Wrestling allows for two types of measuring, based on sample size! · Digital Display: Easy and accurate readings, without user interpretation! · Fast & Easy: Measures in 2 seconds! · Automatic Temp. Compensation: No temperature conversion charts! · Water Resistant (Body - IP65, Prism Head - IP67): Run it under the faucet for fast and easy cleanup! · Zero-set with Water: No standard liquids required! · 8000 Measurements: From a single alkaline AAA battery!

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