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Mike Krause 12 Dvd Set!!!

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Includes all 12 MIKE KRAUSE NXTLVL Wrestling DVDs!
Big Moves On Three: Wrestling Training DVD Coach Mike Krause demonstrates this exciting move and much more
Handfighting Techniques to Score and Defend!: Coach Krause shows handfight drills that will, over time, turn your team into little NCAA handfighters! Push posts, pull triceps and bang the head! All the while moving your FEEET!!! HI-C, Punch doubles and power singles along with Down blocking to a reshot. Handfight on three!! Bring it!
Technique! Technique! Who’s got Technique!!!:Coach Krause runs straight up technique with his youth wrestlers. Top breakdowns to a cross wrist series, including Key hole finish, two tilts, cradle and bundle finishes! Along with Handfight techniques for setting up your attacks which include HI-C, punch double and power single. Great position drill to help build your, HEAD UP BACK STRAIGHT HIPS IN muscle memory!
Legs on NINE!!:If Coach Krause yells NINE!! Legs are coming! See what Coach Krause learned after a year of working out with Ryan Churella and his Dad Mark Churella coaching the squad to all run LEGS!! Legs and leg defense everyone should know even if you’re not a leg rider! Get this 46 min. DVD
Tilts on Three!:Coach Krause works the thigh pry jamb breakdown to get into the tilt series! Eastwood tilt, ReBar tilt, cheap tilt along with the old ball and chain tilt! Constant pressure on top will break your opponent! Next stop TILT CITY!!!
Novice on Three!:Follow Coach Krause as he runs his novice practice. Follow the 4 rules of the novice room and see the kids respond with ATTITUDE! Coach Krause shows the stance, motion, down blocking, sprawl and penetration step drill. Along with double legs, blast doubles, leg defense and a spiral ride to a power half finish! Pick up coaching techniques and your beginning wrestler will get motivated like the wrestlers are in the video! Great for parents and wrestlers to watch together as Coach Krause has verbiage throughout the video explaining whats going on and why he does what he does!
Division 1 Bar Arm Series!:Coach Krause works the bar arm series and shows how to turn your opponent 4 different ways. Along with a cheap tilt and a bar arm tilt to help set up the bar arm series. This works on “EVERYONE”!! Get this Series at home on 43 min DVD for only $20.00
Bring the Coaching Heat!:JoeFlo followed Coach Krause through a summer workout. Joe interviews Coach Krause before during and after the practice. Get up close during the grind and pick up a few coaching ideals and grow as a coach. Coach Krause travels the nation and constantly picks up new techniques and verbiage, now he brings them to you!
Tough on Three!!:Coach Krause takes you through an advanced practice getting his team ready for the MYWA state meet! Going over HI-C’s, pull singles, front headlock defense, cross wrist series, legs on top, leg defense, sucker drags and more. Listen to Coach Krause talk about the High School Teams journey to capturing the 2010 Team State Title. Get Motivated to be the best you can be on and off the mat.
Wrestling 101: FOR NEW PARENTS AND WRESTLERS!!:Coach Krause puts on the referee gear and walks you through the point scoring! He talks about what to expect in your beginning years along with what to yell in the corner during the match. Parents will breath easier as they go into the competition more knowledgeable and certain of whats going on out there! Great video to show novice parents and create discussion at a parent meeting!
Front Head Lock Series!:Coach Krause works a front head that all youth should know. Research shows you are either in a front headlock or have someone in a front headlock 3.4 times a match. Head in the hole, quick go behinds along with standing front headlock finishes and more. Defense to a front headlock on how to get out and on how to score while in one!
Getting off the Bottom!:Coach Krauses’ philosophy on bottom is…”Its a race to get your back STRAIGHT!!” Check out the series on how he explains that some youth wrestlers need to work a different angle when a normal stand up is just not working!

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