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Ben Askren

Price: $15996

.Ben Askren Winning 4 DVD Set! Includes: 'Funk' Defense from the Feet Versatile defense vs single, double and high crotch takedown attempts. Wrestling Techniques that can be hit from anywhere on the mat. Includes counter techniques Cradles and Hammerlocks Score back points from any position on the mat Drills to reinforce cradle technique A 'new' look at old techniques Finishing Leg Attacks Askren gives a new perspective on finishing leg attacks. These finishes are effective because they will keep your opponent off balance and stop them from getting to their counters. 5-Point Reversals 'Non-traditional' escapes to take your opponent by surprise Includes escapes from the crab ride and when someone rides legs Bonus material shows how to defend against an inside cradle FREE SHIPPING!
Price: $4499

.Askren opens his `bag of tricks' and presents a number of creative techniques to add to your bottom position arsenal.He begins with his favorite escapes - the tripod.Let Ben Askren show you how to get the fall!
Price: $4499

.with Ben Askren,2X NCAA Champ and 2X Dan Hodge Trophy winner from the University of Missouri Ben Askren's 'funk' style of wrestling is widely known for its aggressiveness- evidence of this is his school records 91 career falls and 29 falls in a season. Askren shows the secrets of his favorite pinning combinations. He focuses on three pinning holds: the inside cradle, outside cradle, and the hammerlock. He teaches a number of finishes for each, showing how to score the fall no matter what your opponent tries to do to counter it. He also includes his brand of the three-quarter nelson, as well as his own creation - 'the Assassin,' which originated from a freestyle move. He covers each move from breakdown to finish, and details how he made each move work in college. These moves are applicable at all levels of wrestling!
Price: $4499

.Two-Time NCAA Champion Ben Askren gives you a new perspective on finishing leg attacks.
Price: $4499

.with Ben Askren:2X NCAA Champ and 2X Dan Hodge Trophy winner from the University of Missouri Ben Askren's style has been described as many things: 'one-of-a-kind,' 'unorthodox,' 'crazy' and 'funky.' The fact is that these 'funk' positions happen in the natural flow of the match. These same situations have been seen at all levels - from high school duals to the NCAA Championships. Now for the first time ever Askren shares his 'funk' technique with you. Askren breaks down his three main 'funk' techniques from the feet: the Pass, Double Ankles and a move he calls: 'The World's Best Unknown Move.' Each move is broken down step-by-step from multiple angles. In addition, he provides counters to each move, as well as a defense against each counter. As a bonus he also shares his defensive technique against the High Crotch and Double Leg takedowns. Mastering this 'funk' style of wrestling will give you a leg up on the best competition! 42 minutes. 2007.
Price: $19900

. featuring Ben Askren, 2x NCAA Champion (4x NCAA finalist) and 2x Dan Hodge Trophy winner at the University of Missouri; 2008 US Olympian;and Max Askren, 2010 NCAA Champion, 3x All-American, and 2x Big 12 Champion at the University of Missouri;Ben and Max were the 10th set of brothers in history to both win Division I NCAA titlesThis 11 Disc Set Reveals Everything The Askren Brothers Have Developed To Become an Unstoppable Wrestler. Take your wrestling to the next level with this 11 disc Ultimate Askren DVD Set. Over 10 hours of training, this will be the last course you will need! You can't find this type of training anywhere else. Easy to learn and easy to use. Takdedown King Series Hand FightingSingle LegsHi Crotches and DoublesDefense and Front HeadlocksAlcatraz Series(Top) 1st move stoppersCradles and Hammerlocks plus The AssassinTiltsLeg and Crab RidingHoudini Series

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