BEN ASKREN: Finishing Leg Attacks

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Two-Time NCAA Champion Ben Askren gives you a new perspective on finishing leg attacks. These finishes are effective because they will keep your opponent off balance and stop them from getting to their counters. The techniques he presents work especially well for those wrestlers who don't have that "explosive" burst when attacking, or for those times when you get stopped in the middle of your takedown attempt. He begins by showing you his keys to proper positioning for finishing a takedown. He then covers single leg and high crotch finishes, as well as finishes for when you get stuck underneath on a takedown attempt and techniques versus a sprawl and a crack back. Included are the dump, step and trip, leg high and his original "nerksa" finish! These finishes allow you to score two - or go for the fall.
48 minutes. 2007. FREE SHIPPING!

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