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Ben Askren: 5 Point Reversals

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During his junior and senior year, none of Ben Askren's opponent's wanted to ride him. They chose the lesser of two evils and let him up for fear of getting thrown to their back for a 5-point move by one of his unique escapes. Now, Askren opens his `bag of tricks' and presents a number of creative techniques to add to your bottom position arsenal. He begins with his favorite escapes - the tripod. He details the proper position and demonstrates five different escapes. Askren teaches his elevator escape, which is good against an opponent who wants to chop the arm and also, how to escape from the crab ride, from leg defense, how to escape when the opponent hooks your ankle, plus, how to get away once you get to your feet; instead of a traditional 1-point escape, let Ben Askren show you how to get the fall!
37 minutes. 2007. FREE SHIPPING!

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