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Price: $2295

.Coaching Wrestling Successfully Book Dan Gable redefined the term wrestling champion, setting a new standard of excellence for athletes and coaches. Defeated only once throughout his high school and college wrestling careers and unscored upon in his 1972 Olympic gold medal performance, Gable didn’t just win on the mat, he dominated his opponents in a relentless, physical style. Gable brought that same competitive toughness and determination to mastering coaching-and the championships came, year after year. In the 21 seasons he was head coach, his University of Iowa teams won 15 national championships and 21 Big Ten championships. Now, in Coaching Wrestling Successfully, Gable presents the blueprint to becoming a wrestling champion. He covers every facet of his formula for success-a guiding philosophy, proven motivational tools, guidelines for proper nutrition and weight control, daily and year-round practice plans, effective instructional met
Price: $1595

.Coaching Youth Wrestling is an excellent introduction to youth coaching and teaching young wrestlers valuable skills. It provides all the information you need to coach effectively and help 6- to 15-year-old athletes, both boys and girls, learn and enjoy the sport.
Price: $1595

.Officiating Wrestling Book Based on officiating mechanics devised and endorsed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), Officiating Wrestling is the definitive guide for new and experienced officials of high school wrestling. You'll learn what's expected of you as an official, including your meet responsibilities, procedures to follow, mechanics to use during the matches, how to enforce infractions, and how to apply the rules on issues such as weight certification, tournament scoring and conduct. In addition, you'll receive the latest information on freestyle wrestling for both men and women, as well as Greco-Roman wrestling. Supported by more than 100 photos and illustrations of proper positioning and signaling, this book also includes real-life cases to demonstrate correct rulings and to point out common officiating errors and how to avoid them. Officiating Wrestling is not a rules book; it's a practical resource for i
Price: $1799

.In The Wrestling Drill Book, Second Edition, nine of the sport’s top coaches offer more than 160 drills for mastering essential techniques: takedowns, reversals, escapes, riding, and pinning combinations. Detailed descriptions, coaching points, corrections to common errors, and 400 photos provide thorough instruction for proper execution of each move.
Price: $1499

.Steve Fraser's secrets to success!
Price: $1995

.Winning Wrestling Moves The most complete wrestling techniques book ever written, Winning Wrestling Moves is packed with 736 action photos along with insightful descriptions of every move and countermove. These techniques will help you to attack and respond to your opponent, take control on the mat, and become a better, more versitle wrestler. Master the skills and complete like a champion with Winning Wrestling Moves!
Price: $2000

.The 2007-08 Wisconsin Wrestling Digest covers both wrestling issues and the state of Wisconsin in extreme depth. Inside, Koy Kosek uses empirical models to tackle such questions as how a weight class change affects performance, how wrestlers improve with age, how can we predict who's going to win State, an innovative new system for rating which tournaments are the toughest, and much, much more! Throw in guest authors Rob Sherrill and Kevin Black, plus an interview with former Wisconsin Badger and current IFL Aaron Stark, and you have the most comprehensive wrestling annual ever published! Wisconsin's NCAA teams are each analyzed in-depth, and a composite schedule of all of their 2007-08 meets is included. In addition, there are two pages on virtually every high school wrestling conference in Wisconsin, including the name of every single varsity wrestler last year, and a prediction of the February finish for all 343 teams!
Price: $1795

.Wrestling Tough Book 'Wrestling Tough is much more than learning about being successful on the mat. It's for all who would like to dominate or develop a passion for any sport. Incredible reading! Get energized and be entertained at the same time.' Dan Gable Olympic champion and 2-time NCAA champion wrestler Olympic and 15- time NCAA team champion wrestling coach 'Wrestling Tough is what our sport is all about! Get an inside look at the greatest competitors in wrestling as told by Mike Chapman, the best writer in the history of the sport.' Mark Johnson Head wrestling coach, University of Illinois ___________________ Wrestling requires a special type and level of courage. The arduous training, periodic weight cutting, and public arena for performing are challenges that intimidate all but a special breed of athlete. Not to mention the sport's very essence: facing off against an opponent who want

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